Frequently Asked Questions about eBay Video Ads


1.  Are all you eBay Video Ads HTML?

Answer:   Yes all our eBay ads are designed in html for eBay.  If you would prefer a standard image ad without video or animation, we can also design an image ad for you if you request it.


2.  How much do your eBay Ad Designs Cost? 

Answer:   All our eBay ad designs cost $59.  No hidden costs or extra charges.  We will design the ad design so you can sell your item on eBay and the ad design is yours to keep forever.


3.  Do your eBay Ads work on Craigslist or Backpage? 

Answer:   Yes!  Our eBay ad designs work great on both Craigslist and Backpage.  Please check out our Craigslist ad design services at


4.  I am confused how to post my ad in my listing on eBay.  Will you help? 

Answer:   Yes!  We would be happy to walk you through all the steps in posting our eBay Video Ad into your listing on eBay!  Just let us know how we can be of assistance!


5.  I love my eBay ad, do you offer any other services such as web design? 

Answer:   Yes!  We offer a full web design service, Craigslist Video Ad Service, Video Email Signature service, etc. 


6.  I don't need an eBay video ad designed, but I would like help selling something.  Will you help and what do you charge?

Answer:   Yes!  We would be happy to sell your items for you.  We will list your item on eBay from our account and we charge 10 - 20 % depending on the final value of the item.


7.  Are you affiliated with eBay?

Answer:   No.  We are a private company.